Can You Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually?

Can You Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually?

The reason why this question arises is because indoor soccer shoes look almost exactly like sneakers. The reason why they look similar is because indoor soccer shoes don’t have any studs.

Indoor soccer shoes, unlike outdoor soccer shoes, are meant to use when playing on hard surfaces. They have a strong rubber sole that provides them traction on the surface.

So to answer the question, “can you wear indoor soccer shoes casually?”

Let’s first understand, What is indoor soccer? Then we can understand what are indoor soccer shoes and what’s their function?

What is Indoor Soccer?

Soccer is a prominent sport in the world. It is played on a lot of different surfaces. Indoor soccer is played on hard surfaces.

It was developed by the USA and Canada. As we all know, winters in North America are harsh so playing soccer on a big soccer field is not a possibility. So players started training indoors during the winter.

This is how the idea of indoor soccer came to be. Unlike traditional outdoor soccer, indoor soccer is considered a winter sport. In 1971 there was first professional indoor soccer tournament was organized by North American Soccer League.

Slowly and steadily, indoor soccer gained popularity. It’s still not sanctioned by FIFA who is the governing body of football all over the world. It’s still popular in South America, Europe, and Mexico.

FIFA has its own version named Futsal. It is also considered a form of indoor soccer.

Indoor soccer is primarily played on artificial turf floors. A lot of the time matches take place on basketball courts in colleges, in that case, it’s played on hardwood floors.

Playing on hard surfaces or turf meant you cant use outdoor soccer shoes that have studs. This is how the need for indoor soccer shoes was born.

Now that we know about indoor soccer. Let’s understand “what are indoor soccer shoes?”

What are indoor soccer shoes?

Indoor soccer shoes, just like outdoor shoes, are made from leather or synthetic material, or fabric. The leather used could be kangaroo leather or full-grain leather.

Kangaroo leather has the highest touch rate, so players usually prefer having kangaroo leather shoes. Indoor football is a very fast-paced game. It’s played for 60 mins with quarters of 15mins each.

When your game is fast-paced, you need shoes that can adapt to the fast movements of a player. These shoes are flexible and comfortable. The outsole is made from high-quality rubber compounds so as to give traction on hard surfaces or turf.

These outsoles have patterns that help players take sudden movements or dribble. Since the indoor soccer grounds are smaller, players have to be nimble-footed. That’s why these shoes are incredibly lightweight.

These are low-top shoes, so player’s feet movements are not restricted. These shoes have a good amount of support inside, plus they have good shock absorption.

Players are running on hard surfaces, which puts a lot of stress on their feet. So these shoes need to protect your feet from that.

Some of the shoes also come with a reinforced vamp. It helps with better ball control. The material used for these shoes is breathable, so feet don’t get uncomfortable after wearing them for long. One final thing is that these shoes are incredibly stylish, and they look as good as some of the sneakers in the market.

I have explained what’s indoor soccer as well as whats indoor soccer shoes. Now let’s dive into the out main topic, can you wear indoor soccer shoes casually?

Can You Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually?

There is no simple yes or no answer to this question. The reason for that is because you have to consider few factors before jumping to a decision.

These factors will tell you if you should wear indoor soccer shoes casually or it’s much better to buy actual casual sneakers.

1) Comfort difference

Indoor soccer shoes and casual shoes differ in comfort quite a lot. Even though indoor soccer shoes are comfortable, they are not as comfortable as casual shoes. Their comfort is designed by keeping functionality in mind.

Indoor soccer shoes can’t have too much cushioning on the inside, or the outsole can’t be thick. Soccer players need to move fast, so these shoes are as light as possible. They have just enough sole and cushioning to absorb shocks.

On the other hand, casual sneakers come with a thick outsole and good cushioning inside. They are designed to provide comfort all day long. Casual sneakers also have thick padding around the collar and in the tongue. The insole in these shoes has foam padding or air cushion sometimes to make you even more comfortable than you would be in regular shoes.

So there is a disparity in these both types of shoes. Their end goal is different.

2) Durability

Indoor soccer shoes have an outsole specifically designed for indoor soccer surfaces. This using these shoes on outside roads made of tar or concrete is not good for the outsole. This will damage your outsole and its ability to provide traction.

These shoes have outsoles with specific patterns on them that help players achieve high performance on soccer surfaces. Those patterns will start wearing out faster if you use them outside.

Whereas casual shoes can be worn on any regular surface. Their outsoles are designed to handle rough surfaces like roads or sidewalks.

Wearing indoor soccer shoes casually can ruin the durability of your shoes. Using such damaged shoes could lead to injury.

3) Health

If you wear indoor soccer shoes outside then they will start wearing out. Using such worn-out shoes on the soccer field can increase the chances of you slipping or severely injure yourself. Injuries are already common amongst soccer players, so imagine what using damaged footwear can do.

I just explained what happens if you wear worn-out shoes while playing, but wearing indoor soccer shoes outside is bad for health too. It can result in leg and back pain. As I said before, these shoes are made for soccer, so they are optimized for performance. They don’t provide enough support or cushioning to wear them comfortably for an entire day.

So to answer your question, No. Indoor soccer shoes are not perfect for wearing casually, not especially if you plan on wearing the same shoes for playing.

Now, not to dismiss the idea completely, but there are some shoes from well-known brands that offer you the best of both worlds.

Following are the shoes that will deliver high performance on the field while keeping you stylish off it.

1) Adidas Performance Soccer Mundial Shoes

These shoes use suede and leather for the upper. These are marketed by Adidas as comfortable shoes, which stand true according to me.

Adidas is known to make some outstanding shoes, and these are the perfect example of that. They look stylish, sleek, and are lightweight.

These shoes come with a special insole and midsole. This keeps your feet bouncy and absorbs all the shocks. Adidas has special stitching on the forefoot and heel pad to make it look classic.

The brand has added a high-quality rubber sole that gives excellent traction on and off the field. These shoes are perfectly alright for all-day usage. These shoes will cost around $130.

2) Puma King Allround TT Soccer shoes

These shoes from Puma are favorite among shoe aficionados. These shoes are comfortable even for people with wide feet. Puma has used high-quality kangaroo leather for these shoes.

These shoes have nicely padded on collar and tongue, which adds to the comfort. The shoes come with an EVA midsole that helps with shock absorption. Puma has also used their cell cushioning tech inside these shoes.

The shoes come with small studs that provide traction on turf but are not bad for all-around use too. Puma has used a classic design on these shoes, which makes them stand out even more.

The outsole is made from rubber which helps with the player’s performance. This outsole is perfectly designed to handle all twists and turns on the field. It helps keep players nimble-footed.

These shoes will cost you around $140. I certainly recommend checking these shoes out. They excel in comfort, fit, performance, and looks.

3) Adidas Copa 19.4 Turf Soccer Shoes

Adidas says these shoes will leave a lasting impression, and I certainly agree with them. These are incredibly great soccer shoes. They work well on the field, yet put them on casually, and you are ready to rock off the field too.

These shoes come with a high-quality synthetic leather upper. The vamp on these shoes comes with a stitched design for better ball control. The fit and finish of these shoes are top-notch.

Adidas uses a high-quality rubber outsole, which is also abrasion-resistant. The synthetic leather upper and good quality outsole makes these shoes durable. On top of all this, these shoes are surprisingly lightweight.

I would certainly recommend checking these shoes. Adidas has packed a whole lot in these shoes, yet the price is ridiculously low. These will cost you around $50.

4) Adidas Predator Tango 19.3 Indoor Soccer Shoes

Just one look at these shoes, and you will know right away that they are designed for high performance and excellent ball control. These shoes look remarkably sleek and stylish.

These shoes have a mesh upper, and their design is anatomical. These give proper support to your feet. These shoes also come with a sock liner that keeps your feet tucked in. There is embossing done on the vamp for better ball control.

Adidas has designed a special fabric collar, which provides a perfect fit for your ankle. Also, it keeps the feet in place. The outsole is made out of rubber just like any other indoor soccer shoe. This outsole provides a nice grip on the surface.

All these things make for a great soccer shoe. It has some color variations so you can order the one you like. These shoes are incredibly cheap too. These will cost you around $40 on the Adidas website, and the price on Amazon is similar too.

5) Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy shoes

These are Nike’s lightest Tiempos yet. These shoes are designed specifically for offensive line soccer players. Delivering the highest level of performance was Nike’s goal for these shoes.

Nike has used calfskin leather for the upper. It also has soft foam pods behind the upper for better ball control and shooting ability. Few areas on the upper are raised for precise dribbling and passing.

These shoes are comfortable, and they provide a sock-like fit. Nike has used biomechanical research and player movement analysis to design the outsole. This outsole provides multidirectional traction.

You can wear these shoes on the street, court, or indoor surfaces without worry. They are undoubtedly stylish and would look nice with any casual outfit. All this and yet Nike has managed to keep the prices lower compared to a lot of their shoes. These will cost you around $75.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that I have explained everything comprehensively about this topic. Let’s look at some of the common questions people have about this subject.

  1. Can you wear soccer shoes outside?

    As I explained earlier, no, you can't, at least not all indoor soccer shoes. Brands usually mention on their product page if the shoes are ok to wear outside the court. I have also mentioned above the five best shoes you can wear on the court and outside too.

  2. Are indoor soccer shoes nonslip?

    Most soccer shoes come with a high-quality outsole that provides ultimate traction. Unless the brand mentions their shoes as non-slip, I wouldn't assume it. The traction on all these indoor soccer shoes is unquestionably good, so I wouldn't worry about slipping.

  3. Can I use indoor soccer shoes for running?

    No, I would not recommend it. The way these shoes are designed is not optimal for proper long-distance running. At some point, you will start feeling pain in your feet and back. Running shoes have good padding and a thick sole that can absorb all the shocks. A lot of things go in running shoes to make them good, and soccer shoes don't have them.


By now you understand why I said that answer to the question “can you wear indoor soccer shoes casually?” is not that simple. I have tried to give all the information I can on this subject.

It’s always better to use the thing that it’s made for, in simpler words, it’s better to use indoor soccer shoes for soccer. Yes, you can certainly wear them in case you urgently need to be somewhere, and that’s the best option you got.

A lot of people are not interested in soccer, but they like how indoor soccer shoes look, to those people, I recommend checking the shoes I have mentioned above. A lot of brands make shoes that can be used casually and for indoor soccer.

If you are aiming to be a top-class soccer player, then I recommend going for good indoor soccer shoes rather than looking for the best of both worlds. You can always buy sneakers to wear casually. Luckily we live in a world where you can get sneakers at a budget price point. I sincerely hope I have helped you today in understanding this topic.