Best Astro Turf Boots For Wide Feet

Contents1 What Are The Best Astro Turf Football Boots For Wide Feet2 1. Gola Men’s AMA666 Boots for Astro Turf with Wide Feet3 2. PUMA King TOP TT Shoe for Astro turf with Wide Feet4 3. Adidas Predator Freak.1 FG Cleat shoes for Astro turf5 4. NIKE Unisex’s Tiempo Legend … Read more

Are Indoor Soccer Shoes Good For Running?

Contents1 Indoor soccer shoes vs Running shoes2 1) Design3 2) Material4 3) Comfort5 4) Sole6 5) Support7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)7.1 Conclusion A lot of soccer athletes ask, “are indoor soccer shoes good for running?”. It is a very common question. People who play indoor soccer know how comfortable indoor … Read more

What Are Soccer Shoes Made Of?

Contents1 Different Parts in Soccer Shoes2 1) Upper2.1 A) Full-grain & natural leather2.2 I) Kangaroo leather2.3 II) Calfskin leather2.4 III) Full-grain leather2.5 B) Synthetic Leather2.6 C) Synthetic material2.7 D) Knit2.8 E) Mesh2.9 F) Vectran3 2) Collars3.1 A) High-top collar3.2 B) Mid-top collar3.3 C) Low-top collar4 3) Vamp5 4) Laces6 5) … Read more

Can Turf Soccer Shoes Be Used Indoor?

Contents1 What is an Indoor soccer surface?2 What is Turf Soccer Surface?3 Indoor soccer shoes:4 Turf soccer shoes:5 Indoor vs Turf soccer shoes:5.1 1) Size5.2 2) Comfort5.3 3) Weight5.4 4) Running capabilities5.5 5) Cost5.6 6) Durability5.7 7) safety5.8 8) Material5.9 9) Design6 Can Turf Soccer Shoes Be Used Indoor?7 Frequently … Read more

Can You Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes Outside?

Contents1 Types Of Soccer Shoes1.1 1) Firm-ground soccer shoes (FG)1.2 2) Soft-ground soccer shoes (SG)1.3 3) Artificial grass soccer shoes (AG)1.4 4) Turf soccer shoes1.5 5) Indoor soccer shoes2 Can You Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes Outside?3 1) Indoor soccer shoes vs Firm-ground soccer shoes4 2) Indoor soccer shoes vs Soft-ground … Read more