Best Sustainable Running Shoes – Ethical & Eco Friendly


Are you on a hunt for the best sustainable running shoes ? You are at the right place to choose. Over a few years, sustainability has entered into every aspect of our lives. Choosing the best running shoes is the most crucial thing.

A perfect pair of running shoes will soften your jog and also prevent your feet from blisters and injuries. Not only offering comforts but running shoes also have a negative impact on the environment, producing emissions.

In these modern days, fortunately, a huge number of brands have begun to create more environmentally friendly and ethical running shoes including sustainable raw materials.

Are you up in the market for upgrading your shoes if you are performing workouts, then take a look at the sustainable running shoes listed here in our article.

The most ethical sustainable running shoes are the one which are able to achieve foot healthy cushioning with sustainable plant dependent organic materials.

And because this is an Olympic-level challenge, we really admire shoes crossing both those ribbons.

There might be lots of reviews on the net about the best walking boots for wide feet which you might not be knowing whether they are genuine or not. But you are at the right place now, we review and give genuine information including all the minor details.

Before you grab any sustainable running shoes in the market, keep going through various factors like information on products, features, reviews and things to remember to buy shoes which must be weighed before moving to the checkout counter.

We have reviewed the top best brands of sustainable running shoes. You will be able to select the best one according to your requirements after going through this article. But for hunting shoes lovers here is the article best hunting boots review 2021

Let’s have a look at a few of the top best sustainable running shoes in 2021!

10 Best Sustainable Running Shoes 2021

1.Wool Runners by Allbirds : Most Ethical Running Shoes

Most Ethical Running Shoes

Allbirds wool Runners are the best and the most comfortable sneakers out there in the market. These runners are lightweight, breathable, machine washable, and sustainably made. They have upper made of Merino wool which is just similar to our hair, that has to be trimmed regularly not meaning animal cruelty.

Their laces and castor bean oil for the insoles are made out of recycled bottles to make these running shoes more sustainable. Allbirds is no doubt a popular running shoes brand that purchases carbon credits making these shoes carbon neutral giving natural running shoes. Merino wool uses 60% less energy than that of other synthetic materials to offer natural comfort.

2.Tree Runners by Allbirds : Ethically Made Running Shoes

Ethically Made Running Shoes

Tree Runners is a performance shoe with an easy slip on design. If you are not quite comfortable with the merino wool Runners, no problem, you have more sustainable running shoes by Allbirds- Tree Runners. These shoes are totally manufactured by green resources. They are manufactured from silky-smooth fiber treads by harvesting eucalyptus trees.

Anyways the forest doesn’t have any effect due to this manufacturing process and this process protects the forests under the certification from Forest Stewardship council.

These materials are sourced from South American farms eliminating the harmful fertilisers. The manufacture procedure of these runners uses less water and decreases the carbon footprint.

3.Veja Condor Mesh Light : Most Durable Running Shoes

Most Durable Running Shoes

Veja condor mesh shoes are the first post petroleum running shoes for your daily workouts. Firstly, know your foot size and proper measurements like length and width of your feet as the sizing of these Veja condor shoes are different. They have a heel support insert made out of Pebax Rnew. Harvesting the trees from these forests doesn’t harm biodiversity.

They are running shoes that are chosen as the running shoes of the year in the ISPO Sports fair. They have a mesh upper which is made out of pure plastic from recycled plastic bottles. The linings are manufactured from organic cotton and the outsole is made out of Amazonian rubber.

4.Blake Black by the People’s Movement : Eco Friendly Running Shoes

Eco Friendly Running Shoes

The people’s movement brand was created with an ideology of innovative, creative designs and eco friendly shoes. With every pair of shoes they sold, their ideologies and aspirations have become more and more. They manufacture shoes with recycled plastic bags collected from Bali( an Indonesian island that dumps lakhs of tonnes of plastic into oceans.

People’s movements also share their profits for environmental concern, protection and helping in eliminating plastic from heavy water bodies. They use vegan alternatives where plastic cannot be used. They have an upper featuring a vegetable fiber cotton textile. Also the best running shoes with classic designs and styles.

5.Primus Lite II by Vivobarefoot : Best Sustainable Athletic Shoes

Best Sustainable Athletic Shoes

The Primus Lite II Vivobarefoot is a new plant dependent performance shoe, made with over a good percentage of natural plant based materials. Their philosophy is simple, minimal shoes offer you less process and materials. They are made out of rubber in Vietnam which gives strong and extra rigid grippy soles to the shoes.

If you are looking for barefoot shoes ? Then these Primus shoes are the best Sustainable option. The soles of these sustainable running shoes measure around 3mm only. You can feel every step of your move due to this amusing rubber construction. These running shoes manufacture procedure doesn’t depend on petroleum based sources.

6.Ultra Boost Parley Shoes by Adidas : Best Outdoor Running Shoes

Best Outdoor Running Shoes

Adidas is one of the most popular best running shoe brands in production of shoes but does not come first in sustainable running shoes. But nowadays Adidas is gradually improving itself.

They have been changing their manufacturing processes and helping in reducing water use and decreasing the carbon footprint.

Ultra Boost Parley shoes are definitely beneficial to our environment and marine life from plastic as it is estimated that every pair of running shoes are recycled from using around eleven water bottles. These shoes are especially made from recycled plastic bottles sourced from beaches and coastal communities.

7.Everlane Tread Sustainable Trainers

Everlane Tread Sustainable Trainers

Everlane has now gained popularity in the concept of sustainability of running shoes. They get the raw materials for the manufacture of tread trainers from the finest local farms to support independent farmers. This shoe company has the most ethical factories all around the world to produce the best products with the least non degradable waste.

Everlane Tread Trainers are the eco friendly shoes that were actually made with less plastic by utilising the full grain leather. They particularly aim at reducing the chemical wastes typically seen in the tanning process. Their soles are made with a mix of natural and recycled rubber with only less percent of virgin plastic.

8.New Balance X Reformation X90

New Balance X Reformation X90

These new balance X Reformation shoes are the stylish, fashionable but yet sustainable pair. They have uppers made out of a mixture in combination with chrome free suede and viscose fabric. The viscose textiles are sourced from wood pulp, and later they have partnered with canopy to ensure that the forests are conserved and protected.

They have a most conservative manufacturing procedure that they use 20% of cotton waste again, recycling to save a huge number of our golden and precious trees.

All the linings, laces, and labels are fabricated of these running shoes using recycled polyester. They have soles made out of a combination of EVA and bloom algae.

9.Merrell Skyfire Undyed : Sustainable Running Shoes Trainers

Sustainable Running Shoes Trainers

Merrell Skyfire running shoes are a variety of road and trail running shoes manufactured from recycled materials. They are Undyed to save water and toxic chemicals being used. These are the recently released eco friendly running shoes designed for high performance with Merrell quantum grip rubber outsole.

These Merrell Skyfire Undyed sustainable running shoes are too light in weight weighing around only 420 grams. They have a recycled lining with mesh and top insoles.

These eco-friendly Merrell skyfires are an amusing running shoe for trail and cross-country runners. They are unisex shoes available in both men and women varieties.

10.HOKA X Outdoor Voices Clifton : Lightweight Athletic Shoes

Lightweight Athletic Shoes

HOKA OV focuses on using sustainable and recycled materials in the whole manufacturing process. These are the most popular sustainable brands in their own right, and they have also released this sustainable running shoe as a collaboration. They have a Meta rocker system that has a midsole which critically rolls from the back to the front, to make sure that every step on your run feels good.

Hock outdoors are well known for their unique meta rocket system. These OV Cliftons running shoes come in three different colors in the market and have a breathable mesh upper that will keep your feet more comfortable. They are lightweight marshmallow-like cushioning. These sustainable running shoes are ideal for road or trail running as they are versatile and supportive.

Why Should You Shift to Eco-Friendly Running Shoes?

Do you agree with me, Running Shoes are Part of an Environmental Crisis? The modern running shoes evolved during the fitness boom in order to provide comfort and performance benefits for the masses taking to the streets.

Then shoe designers have looked for synthetic materials to improve the underfoot feel, comfort, improve the fit, add durability and reduce weight as well as cost.

In these modern days, today’s perfect running shoes have a resilient spring, efficient energy return, ample cushioning, durable sole, and a breathable, flexible, yet secure upper with a snazzy design.

But the materials that give our running shoes those qualities are nylon, polyester, polyurethane, EVA, TPU, synthetic rubber, and textile dyes, to name a few are part of both an earth-choking plastic problem as well as a devastating carbon emissions.

Due to the increased media attention given to this hazardous environmental crisis might not be now but in the future, a definite crisis, there has been a growing demand for sustainable running shoes.

Where multiple shoe companies have marketed “eco shoes” over the last few years, not many have yet met the mark for qualifying as a genuinely ecologically sustainable product. 

What to look for before buying Ethical Running Shoes?

Before you grab a perfect pair of sustainable running shoes for your foot in the market, you must look into a few critical factors when buying your pair of running shoes.

Sustainability has been gaining more and more popularity these days where many brands of running shoes are claiming that their products are best sustainable running shoes and are eco friendly shoes.

So, you must avoid buying zero value products remembering all these factors while buying a perfect pair of sustainable running shoes.

Avoid Leather as Much as Possible

The leather raw material without any doubt is the most crucial and worst part in the manufacture of footwear. First things first, sourcing leather boosts the livestock industry, which is responsible for 14.5% of the total emissions of greenhouse gases.

Then there is the vast disaster, the tanning process. A lot of tanneries use toxic materials, like arsenic and cyanide, to deliver stylish products that everyone wants.

It is astonishing to know that leather does not just accompany meat production. It is known that a billion animals are slaughtered each year merely for tanning their skins for leather. If usage of leather is utmost for you, go for more ethical forms like upcycled or recycled leather.

Do look for eco friendly materials and natural materials. It is obvious that the best pair of running shoes should be made from pure natural materials.

You must also be aware of the manufacturing processes involved in creating the sustainable running shoes as this can have a huge environmental impact on a positive side.

Outsoles: Natural Rubber

Natural rubber is the best option for durable, non-slip outsoles right now in the market. Unlike  synthetic material, it does not require harmful chemicals for production. Moreover, farmers harmlessly collect it from rubber trees without cutting them.

Midsoles: Recycled Plastic

At present, midsoles make the biggest sustainability challenge in footwear. It is the most significant part behind shoe performance. That is the reason why brands still cling on to non biodegradable materials as their raw materials.

An eco-friendly and sustainable pair must be made from recycled materials such as plastic or recycled EVA. We actually have to completely eliminate the petroleum based EVA as soon as possible. But it is the best we can do right now to maintain functionality.

Insoles: Cork

Although cork is a type of wood, it is slightly compressible. It is capable of molding to your feet’s outline to promote comfiness and improve running.

Just like natural rubber, cork does not need cutting trees to be harvested. The bark of cork trees can be shaved every nine years without compromising the internal structure by any means.

Laces: Recycled Polyester or Natural Cotton

In spite of the small size of the laces, they are still bad for the environment, especially under the crazy footwear consumption rate I mentioned earlier. Organic cotton or 100% post-consumer recycled polyester might be suitable.


Did you know? Footwear has a huge impact on the environment. Never underestimate the power that your simple purchase can do. If you become more aware of the benefits of sustainable and eco-friendly shoes, brands will have to definitely produce them.

The hunt for the perfect pair of Sustainable running shoes gets more challenging each time a new product enters the marketplace. With a wide range of options out there, take a moment and consider what you value in the ethical slippers.

After going through this article, I hope you got detailed information on some of the best running shoes in the marketplace.

Not only are there many huge numbers of brands and designs to be considered about, but there are also several features you need to consider such as material, size, padding, and outsole construction. By reading and following our buying guide, you will be easily able to find the right running shoes for your needs from our array.

Choose the best sustainable running shoes, enjoy your experience with the shoes.