Best Netball Trainers – Reviews & Buyers Guide


Here is a spectacular article for you- Best Netball Trainers. When you are starting out in netball, you can actually get away with wearing just a pair of sports shoes.

But then if you have a habit of playing regularly, it’s too good if you invest in a perfect pair of netball trainers and even trainers for sports like basketball. The most netball injuries occur due to wearing the wrong pair of shoes.

These will help you to play the best. Netball players need court specific shoes. You will have to undergo sprinting tiny distances, jumping, spinning, teetering around the towering Goal Defence.

You would not move too far at a time but the game demands a huge amount of small movements. In this sense, tennis shoes can also work well but netball trainers for the netball court would be perfectly alright. These netball trainers must be of proper fit to reduce the impact of rubbing and even prevent the formation of blisters.

To give you extra energy out of your netball trainers, rounded edges do not wear like sharp edges of a running shoe. To help prevent injury, if the edges are too sharp it is quite a turn if you twist your ankle.

You are going to find a cluster of unique collections of netball trainers in the market where you will have a dilemma in choosing the best one. You are at the right place to solve this confusion as you will clearly know the product features.

Before you grab any shoes for nurses in the market, keep going through various factors like information on products, features, reviews and things to remember to buy shoes which must be weighed before moving to the checkout counter.

From this article, discover the new varieties of collection of England netball trainers. Choose the best one that suits you after going through the entire article.

Let’s have a look at a few of the best Netball Trainers!

Top 5 Best Netball Player Trainers 2021

1. ASICS Netburner Super FF : Best Netball Trainers

Best Netball Trainers

Are you looking for the best gears to stay active at home? The Netburner are the best ASICS netball trainers for women as they are quite comfortable, and also provide good support and bounce. They offer incredible shock absorption promoting flexible movement.

ASICS Netburners are one of the best Netball Trainers for attack and defence. These trainers have uppers made of high quality mesh. These boots are breathable and moisture wicking so that does not allow moisture to enter inside the boots.

So, your feet remain dry and warm the whole day. Comfort is the most important factor to win. These netball trainers are stable and supportive due to their midsole that has a support system called Duomax. These are ladies netball trainers.

The mix of materials of these shoes make them light. They have a personalised heel fit as you won’t get any pain or stress on the feet. The three layers of memory foam on the collar and heel keep your feet stable.

They are very responsive as the combination of FlyteFoam technology and organic super fibres would contour your soles instead of letting them sink through the shoe.

These trainers have Fluid ride system that protects your feet from impacts. The sole is made of two layers, one is Solyte for cushioning and impact absorption, and the other one is SpEVA for rebounding and fluid motion.


  • Light
  • Personalised fit
  • Moisture wick
  • Fluid ride system
  • Stable and supportive
  • Protect against impacts


  • Costly
  • Tight fit

2. Mizuno Momentum Volleyball Shoes : Best Volleyball Netballs

Best Volleyball Netballs

Mizuno Momentum shoes are worthy. If you are looking for the best shoes for outdoor courts in an affordable budget? then you must give these mizuno volleyball shoes a try. They offer medium shock absorption when compared to Netburner super FF trainers.

These are the best choice for attackers. They feature a wave momentum technology which offers snug fit that feels comfortable instead of restricting. These shoes are also known as hybrid power trainers; they give proper comfort and support. Mizuno Momentum shoes have perfect stability and safety. This also offers cushioning.

The outer material manufactured with fabric is comfortable and breathable. This fabric material has no sews which makes the shoes even lighter on your feet.

You will not get foot fatigue even during jumping, running or walking. They feature EVA midsole which is a quality foam but not as good as when compared to Solyte and SpEVA of ASICS Netburners.

You will have protection against impacts. Cushioning, with the right degree of firmness so that your feet would not sink. The trainers have a non slip outsole that offers you a firm grip while you can wear these shoes even on rugged terrain.


  • Light
  • Worthy
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Rigid grip
  • Prevent pain


  • Not for wide feet

3. ASICS Gel-Rocket 9 : Blue Asics Netball Trainers

Blue Asics Netball Trainers

The ASICS Gel Rocket 9 indoor netball court shoe blends amusing cushioning and a supportive design that implements a layer of gel technology in the heel for shock absorption and lasting comfort. They are the best cheap netball trainers available at affordable prices and have quality features too.

They are the best shoes for centre court as they offer huge support and promote agile movements too. The outer synthetic fabric is more breathable and comfortable but the quality is not so good when compared to the ASICS Netburner Super FF’s trainers.

Even if the AC is switched on in the indoor court, your feet will be dry and warm inside the shoes. Do not moisture to enter the shoes.

These trainers have Gum rubber soles offering rigid grip and support. You can quickly run and move around on the court in all directions without slipping. These shoes consist of forefoot gel which offers you good cushioning by which they protect against impacts and punctures.

This asics gel netburner ballistic netball trainers are more comfortable and highly stable during plays. This ASICS gel construction is in such a way that the midsole changes shape with your feet movements, allowing your feet more flexibility and dynamic support.

All these features enhance the shoes quality and make them the best trainers for centre court.


  • Good grip
  • Affordable
  • Breathable
  • Reliable ankle support
  • Dynamic support
  • Prevent pain


  • Not good for outdoor use
  • May not run for a long time
  • Not as comfy as ASICS Netburner trainers

4. ASICS Netburner : Cheap Netball Trainers

Cheap Netball Trainers

ASICS Netburner are the best Netball trainers for defenders. As these shoes are of high quality, they are too expensive. Netburner professional FF shoes support you to play a good game. They have a mesh upper of good quality which guarantees you not to buy another pair of trainers anytime soon.

The strong weaving of these ASICS Netburner professional FFs ensures protection against scratches. This mesh is comfortable, breathable and acts as a moisture wicking membrane so that your feet stay dry and warm the whole day in your game.

The double gel in the forefoot has shock absorbance specifically when you are on your toes and best wide fit netball trainers.

You can jump for the ball without risking an injury. They have the FlyeFoam midsole that is very much cushiony that protects against shocks to your ankles and knees when you are jumping and running.

This feature would definitely help out netball defenders. This midsole is highly responsive and adjusts to your feet movements quickly with which you can move freely and feel the top support.

The Solyte material of these trainers in the sole offers top cushioning and impact absorption as Solyte is lighter than EVA midsole that is these shoes are lighter than other netball trainers.


  • Cushiony
  • Durable
  • Responsive
  • Protect against injuries
  • Lighter than other netball trainers


  • Expensive

5. ASICS Netburner Academy 8 : Best Netball Trainers For Attackers

best Netball trainers for attackers

ASICS Netburner Academy shoes are the best Netball trainers for attackers when you play a little more than the Mizuno momentum netball trainers. They have mesh uppers that allow good air circulation and increase the airflow that allows your feet to stay dry and cool.

The ASICS Netburner Academy 8 are one of the most breathable shoes on the market that you need right now if you will be continuously running on the netball court. The no sew construction of these shoes reduces the weight of the trainers, which makes the shoes light supporting attackers.

They have a fluid ride and the midsole is more durable and lightweight. These shoes are resistant to the wear and tear that comes with an attacker position. The SpEVA Lasting 55 technology in these netball trainers ensures more bounce and momentum.

As such, you can run quickly and jump higher without fearing possible injuries. But if you are someone who like ice games then here is the article on best snow boots for ice walking.

The Duomax Support system controls overpronation where women are especially at risk for overpronation when they run because they have wider hips. Netburner Academy 8 shoes allow you to play netball safely on different kinds of terrains.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Dynamic movements
  • Control overpronation
  • Prevent pain


  • Not for wide feet
  • Not good for outdoor use

How To Choose Best Netball Player Trainers – Buyer’s Guide

Netball might be a nightmare for your feet. Arguably the sport with the most dynamic impact is netball on your lower legs, netball has the quick and intensified movements of basketball, the sport of sprinting of hockey and the rapid stopping and changes of direction you need in a squash.

It is very much crucial for netballers to wear perfect footwear. Cross trainers and runners just normally do not have the support for lateral movement that your game requirements have. Even tennis shoes would not have the side support of a quality netball shoe.

Know your feet

Foot and ankle injuries are more common among the netballers than almost any other game. The options can be tracked and put down, good footwear choice is often a major contributor.

Apart from your netball trainers, your natural lower leg mechanics have a huge impact on your chances of injury. Orthotics can correct over or under pronation and add to the support of a perfect netball trainer.

Get a proper and tight fit

A really comfy and snug fit can prevent a huge number of potential injury dangers. As you already know, loose shoes can cause many ankle injuries whereas tight shoes would increase your chance of blisters and punctures and transition stress to other areas of your lower leg. Proper fit is ignored but it is the most crucial thing for your game.

Do not forget training

Remember to choose the best Netball trainers for the game on the court. The interest to wear your joggers or running shoes to netball practice can be a hazardous habit that you follow. The snug fit and light weight gives a greater feel, but the lateral support of your netball shoes is needed for any vigorous agile exercise.

Pointers for your instep

Choose a style that prevents the instep of your foot from slipping out. To counter attack this, your shoe also needs to hold the court on the outside to allow you to stop and start in quick succession.

Make sure of your midsole

The midsole is the most important in a netball shoe. You need the best levels of shock absorption to regular running shoes, with increased bounce back qualities to increase your jumping and change of direction.

It is more crucial to measure the feet by doing similar movements that your feet would perform on the netball court when you try a pair on.

Find a firm upper sole

You must look for a firm upper to overcome with the shock of side to side movement. A strong, firm and hard upper sole is a good one protecting feet. This sole helps to prevent wear and tear from wooden courts or the concrete courts enhancing the durability of the shoe to allow you to squeeze out a few seasons, instead of just one season.

Low and steady wins the race

The sole should be low and on the strong support, to help keep you closer to the ground. This improves the feel, which makes you disperse your centre of gravity when stepping or stopping.

A higher sole increases your risk of rolling your ankle. If you have had any ankle sprains in the past, a lower midsole is the right choice for you.

Find a shoe that fits for more than one season on the market. The outer sole of a netball trainers is made with a highly durable rubber material. This ensures a longer shelf life than that of the softer rubber running shoes and good grip on both indoor and outdoor courts.

Indoors or outdoors

Most netball trainers are made of rubber and materials that do not mark. This is a good factor for the people who play on indoor courts. Cross trainers, joggers and even some basketball shoes are more likely to leave marks.

Keep your width

Netball trainers are the best fitted with a firm support across the width of the shoe. This reduces rubbing and with less movement within the shoe, you are sure to keep blisters as a stranger.

If you are playing many games in a day, or playing at a weekend carnival, a snug, comfortable, close fit across the width of your shoe will protect you from hours of pain.

You will need some comfortable space

The length of your shoe fit is a different calculation. You will need at least 1 cm space between the end of your toes and the end of the shoe. This allows for the rest action movements of netball and again reduces the chances of calluses on the toes.

Brace yourself

Never forget about your strapping, ankle braces for netball or orthotics. If you wear any of these, make sure you test your shoes with these additions. You might need to go up half a size. If you have full length ankle braces for netball then you may need removable soles.

Leather or synthetic

Shoes with leather uppers will last for a long time and give better support. Mesh tongues and synthetic uppers are lighter in weight and breathe more effectively. A vital combination of both makes up the better quality shoes.

Do not forget your socks!

Ensure that you wear a thick sock, or consider two pairs if you are comfortable with the thinner ones. If you are playing many games in a day or competing in a weekend competition, try to pack a pair of socks for each game. It is best to keep your feet and shoes as dry as possible because moisture content em sweat causes irritation.


Did you know? The major netball injuries occur due to wearing the wrong pair of shoes. I am talking about the proper fit for your role on the court. I am sure that after going to this article, you will definitely find the best Netball trainers for yourself as it helped you a lot.

We have reviewed the top 5 Best Netball trainers and the factors that are needed to be considered before buying the trainers for the court. You read about features, functions, structures and all the details about five different netball trainers. You now might have come to the conclusion of what to buy depending on your requirements and budget.

You have to value your needs in picking the best Netball trainers according to your requirements like the weather, topography scale, size, material, heel material, cushioning. Finally, you need to check your budget and buy the boots accordingly.

Considering all these shall never be a tedious task after going through this article. If you are a defender, you need cushioned and supportive shoes whereas if you are an attacker, you need responsive, lightweight and rebounding shoes. Finally, you need to select that kind of shoes which will surely show up your game and helps you to shine.

Choose the perfect netball trainers, show up your game!