15 Best Everyday Barefoot Shoes For Women

In this list we’ve compiled 15 best everyday barefoot shoes for women. For barefoot shoes, the standard everyday lifestyle shoe is a fantastic place to start. You can begin walking before you begin running and the shoes you wear the most of the time-your everyday shoes-are a fantastic place to start.

The everyday shoes discussed here are mostly classic in appearance. They’re the possibilities for blending in. If you’re looking for sneakers, flats, or boots, there are separate posts dedicated to each style. You’ll discover a wonderful selection of simple everyday barefoot shoes in a range of designs on this page.

Top Minimalist Shoes For Women 2021

1. Merrell Vapor Glove 4 : Merrell Barefoot Shoes Women

Merrell Barefoot Shoes Women

The Merrell Vapor Glove 4 is ideal for barefooters who dislike the concept of wearing shoes that separate their toes. The Vapor Glove has the feel of a tough running sock. The low weight, supple, zero-drop sole, soft uppers, secure lacing, and bigger toe box are all aspects we appreciate. The barefoot sensation and on-trail performance are both excellent.

The Vapor Glove’s 6.5 mm stack height is low, therefore rough paths may be too much for these shoes. However, if you’ve worked on your foot strength and can modify your technique and speed, these trail runners can take you far off the beaten path.

Overall, these are a nice minimalist shoe that will help you keep your strong feet strong while also making your wallet a little bit fuller.

2. Vibram FiveFingers KSO EVO : Minimalist Shoes for Everyday

Minimalist Shoes for Everyday

The Vibram FiveFingers KSO EVO is our favourite “closest-to-barefoot” model in this review, which should come as no surprise. They even have the appearance of bare feet! This model is light and airy, with a soft sole that lets you feel the ground beneath your feet.

For days when you can’t run around barefoot, the supple upper materials make it simple to bend and stretch your toes, offering them barefoot-like mobility. These are a great pair of shoes for the serious barefooter who is occasionally forced to wear a shoe.

They could also be a useful training tool for those who are gradually increasing the number of miles they run in minimal footwear or going completely barefoot.

This is not a pair of shoes to throw on and go without first performing some significant foot strengthening. It’s important to remember that while they get great marks in this assessment, it’s because they’re as close to barefoot as a shoe can go.

As a result, they may not be the best choice for harsh terrain or sharp and uneven surfaces. If you’ve been training and toughening your feet, you won’t even notice you’re wearing shoes when you put these on, except that you’ll feel more at ease strolling into public restrooms or through soiled, unsanitary terrain of all kinds.

3. Xero Shoes Speed Force : Minimalist Shoes for Women

Minimalist Shoes for Women

The new Xero Shoes Speed Force is a minimalist running shoe that was inspired by a nationally ranked Masters sprinter and is developed as a performance racing flat. We can tell that these shoes were designed with a lot of passion and knowledge.

They’re great for a variety of workouts, including as track speed work and long runs on your favourite trails. These shoes tick all of the boxes for us when it comes to minimalist footwear, and they’re our favourite pair overall.

Because the Speed Force is comprised of lightweight materials, it is less robust and weather-resistant than previous models.

These are great for warm weather, but they can withstand some very difficult terrain if your feet are well trained. We hope you’ll appreciate every moment in these sneakers as much as our testers did.

4. Softstar Adult DASH RunAmoc : Barefoot Dress Shoes Womens

Barefoot Dress Shoes Womens

The SoftStar DASH RunAmoc appears to be a casual shoe, and we were even confused for bowling shoes on multiple occasions. They’re adorable and amusing, but they’re also capable of a wide range of physical activities.

The fit and design adhere to the most stringent criterion of minimalist footwear that we have defined for this assessment. The materials are supple, soft, and long-lasting. We had a great time running in these shoes, and we also had a great time walking about town in them.

The RunAmoc’s fit is loose, and our testers experienced skin discomfort on the bottoms of their feet similar to when they ran fully barefoot. We’ve learnt what this means about our gait after some research into running mechanics, and this crucial “feedback” allows us to learn and fix our mechanics if we’re ready to listen…

Know that, unlike some other shoes, these shoes will not allow you get away with technique errors, so use them for slower runs when you can focus on form and technique, or for extended walks to improve foot strength.

5. AHINSA BINDU 2 BARE : Barefoot Casual Shoes Women’s

Barefoot Casual Shoes Women’s

If you like this model, you’re in luck because Ahinsa offers it in a variety of colours. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between vegan and non-vegan options. Regardless of material modifications, the design of this model always adheres to barefoot shoe principles.

They come with a feature of D flexible which completes flexibility in all directions, plus it adapts to your foot with time. Upper is comprised of a light, soft, flexible, and breathable suede with one of the strictest health safety certifications.

These shoes have certified CF+ ultra dry liner for maximum comfort. Lifo+ outsole composed of German compound lifoprene® with excellent grip, flexibility, and abrasion resistance.

6. Belenka City : Beginner Minimalist Running Shoes

Beginner Minimalist Running Shoes

BeLenka City is a fantastic alternative for various situations because of its classic appearance. It’s also one of the models on this list that comes in a variety of colour schemes and styles, ranging from formal to showy. They’re all built on the same barefoot shoes principles with a sole at just 4mm, incredibly flexible and a roomy footshaped design.

Bekenka City shoes are unisex barefoot shoes and are ideal Spring and Summertime friends. They’re not only extremely comfortable, like the rest of our barefoot collection, but they’re also really adaptable. They go well with a wide range of clothes, including jeans, chinos, khakis, shorts, and even short summer skirts.

7. VIVOBAREFOOT ADDIS WOMENS : New Balance Minimalist Shoes

New Balance Minimalist Shoes

The Addis is half quirky, part classic, and part of Vivobarefoot’s “Soul of Africa” collection, which is designed to help local communities. It works pretty well and deviates from the conventional to give the design some personality. It’s available in 5 colours at the time of writing-quite a lot for Vivobarefoot-and all employ the same flexible sole that goes up the heel for a seamless look. Addis has a basic throwback lace-up style. Wild Hide, the naturally scarred leather of free-roaming cattle, was purchased from Ethiopian small-scale farmers for this shoe.

The Addis shoes are part of our Soul of Africa collection and are handcrafted in Ethiopia, empowering local artisans and helping local communities.

8. VIVOBAREFOOT OPANKA : Minimalist Sneakers Womens

Minimalist Sneakers Womens

There’s a significant chance you’ll find this out of stock, as it frequently is, but if that’s the case, keep checking back since it’s made a number of comebacks. With its feminine everyday style, the Opanka is a stunner that will work in a variety of scenarios. The slip-on style comes in two colours: pink for a more feminine look and dark grey for a more subdued approach. It’s an elegantly simple and timeless design. It’s One of the best Vivobarefoot models.

The Opanka barefoot slip-on is simple and attractive, and it’s crafted in Portugal using local leather. This shoe was designed to go from work to play with ease. It’s light, flexible, and breathable.

This style is the perfect mixture of barefoot freedom and smart-casual style, thanks to its ultra-thin sole. The Opanka is your go-to workweek friend, whether you’re dressing up for meetings or down for cocktails.

9. VIVOBAREFOOT RA SLIP-ON : Barefoot Sneakers Womens

Barefoot Sneakers Womens

With good reason, the Ra is one of Vivobarefoot’s most popular styles. It has a simple, clean design that is built on a flexible and comfortable sole. It encompasses the entire concept of barefoot footwear. It’s worth putting on your wish list if you don’t already have the Ra. For ladies, the latest model has been converted into a slip-on style that comes in a variety of colours.

The Ra Slip On Eco is a cutting-edge barefoot shoe that may be worn for both work and play. It has a true minimalist design, is light and breathable, and has an ultra-thin sole that gives you the finest barefoot experience possible, no matter where your feet take you.

10. GROUNDIES COLOMBO : Zero Drop Shoes Women’s

Zero Drop Shoes Women’s

The traditional moccasin-style shoe is now designed to be worn barefoot. What’s not to appreciate about that? Groundies has done an excellent job with the Colombo model, adapting a regular and classic design in fashion-first shoes to a zero-drop, natural, and barefoot option.

These shoes have a informal ethnic look. The Colombo can be used to improve casual fashions as well as make the most exclusive trends appear more relaxed. The exquisite suede has the customary eye-catching seams. The tongue and ankle area are highlighted by contrasting colours, making the shoe stand out.

11. GROUNDIES HAMBURG : Best Barefoot Shoes for Women

Best Barefoot Shoes for Women

The Hamburg is a simple barefoot shoe that can be worn on a daily basis. This unassuming design isn’t particularly eye-catching, and it certainly doesn’t resemble a barefoot shoe. If that’s what you’re looking for, the Hamburg is ideal. Natural, flexible, and zero-drop.

Hamburg is the perfect barefoot lace-up for everyday wear. The all-rounder is unobtrusive, fashionable, and comfortable, and may be worn at work or in leisure time. The Hamburg is handcrafted from soft suede in the traditional manner.

12. XERO SHOES OSWEGO : Minimalist Shoes for Women

Minimalist Shoes for Women

The Oswego is Xero Shoes’ latest casual barefoot shoe. It’s perfect for everyday wear and is more on the casual side. What you have here is a slip-on casual style available in three colours, built on a sole also utilised in their running shoes. As is customary with Xero, the company is dedicated to the concepts of barefoot shoes.

Consider the phrase “High-Performance Comfort.” What happens when a water-resistant knit upper is combined with our Speed Force’s lightweight performance sole for a slipper-like fit? You get Oswego, a comfortable slip-on that’s up for anything.

13. LEMS PRIMAL 2 : Minimalist Shoes for Everyday

Minimalist Shoes for Everyday

As is customary with Lems, the barefoot principles are qualified by the fact that the overall stack of their sole and footbed exceeds 10mm. Apart from that, the Primal 2 is an excellent daily companion. The design is foot shaped, with a zero-drop and is very light. The appearance is more rugged and sporty.

We don’t always wear shoes, but when we do, we reach for the Lems Primal 2 — an ultra-minimalist, everyday shoe that allows you to make the most of every moment. Its large toe box, natural shape, and minimalist running shoe design make it great for any daily task on your schedule.

Did we mention the zero-drop outsole will keep you as planted as a spring chicken with flight aspirations? Or how about the 6.9oz frame that makes you feel like you’re walking on cloud nine?

Oh, and did we mention the super-soft, vegan-friendly materials that allow the foot to stretch like a yin yoga master? The Primal 2 is made up of all of these features.

14. ZAQQ PIQUANT : Minimalist Sneakers Women’s

Minimalist Sneakers Women’s

This timeless and basic design from ZAQQ is easy to dress up or down. If you’re looking for a day-to-day shoe that hides the fact that it’s a barefoot shoe, this is a good option.

The true ZAQQ experience is guaranteed with ZAQQ PIQUANT. Despite its basic form, this shoe retains all of the ZAQQ’s signature attributes. The classic Derby shape allows for maximum foot movement while maintaining a secure fit, and the unique overlapped, hand-stitched lace eyelets give your new ZAQQ PIQUANT shoe a distinctive design. This streamlined look can be worn with everything, including jeans, casual wear, and work attire.

15. WILDLING SHOES TANUKI YORU : Barefoot Sneakers Women’s

Barefoot Sneakers Women’s

Wildling Shoes creates some of the most flexible, soft, and barefoot-like bottoms and shoes available. Tanuki Yoru, a one-of-a-kind alternative, is not only stealthy like a ninja, but it’s also made of unusual materials, with washy paper accounting for 75% of its structure. Look no farther if you’re looking for a vegan choice. The only drawback is that in poor weather, their relatively thin sole has a tendency to leak water.

This night-black minimal sneaker is one of the lightest in the world, weighing only 56-151 grams as it is claimed. This gives you an entirely new sense of freedom, as if you were walking around barefoot but still protected. This basic model’s tiny size makes it the ideal companion for vacations and wild experiences in the great outdoors.

What Is a Minimalist Shoe Anyway?

Because some shoes are “more minimal” than others, answering this issue has created disagreement and uncertainty. With this official definition of a minimalist shoe from the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, the discipline gained some clarity:

“Footwear with a high degree of flexibility, a low heel-to-toe drop, low weight and stack height, and no motion control or stabilisation technologies that interfere with the natural movement of the foot.”

Shoes are graded on a scale of 0 to 100 to determine a “Minimalist Index,” which awards points for flexibility, drop, weight, stack height, and motion control/stability devices.

In essence, rather than a precise cut-off, these shoes operate on a support continuum—the higher the score, the more minimalist the shoe. It’s entirely up to you how low (or high) you want to go when choosing your next pair.

How We Chose Minimalist Shoes?

Every shoe on this list has been hand-picked by one of our Runner’s World editors. We conducted market research, examined user evaluations, conferred with product engineers, and used our own personal experience in these shoes to identify the best solutions.

Each pair was hand-picked for its value, test impressions, expert suggestions, and overall performance. (For those that have gone through our rigorous testing process, you may see full reviews and photographs.) In this list we’ve compiled some best minimalist shoes to save you some time.

How to Get Started With Barefoot Shoes?

To avoid injury, take it slow.

You’ve probably spent most of your life in padded shoes. Expect to be unable to toss them aside and walk or sprint the same distance in barefoot shoes. You’ll have to relearn how to run and walk to some extent.

It will take a conscious effort on your part, and it will be challenging. Not only are you learning, but you’re also unlearning some deeply ingrained habits. The idea is to take it slowly.

What you do with barefoot shoes is determined on your goals. I was getting into running at the time, which worked out well because I had to start slowly.

If you’re an ultra-marathon runner who wants to attempt barefoot running, you’ll have a hard time resisting. Even if you’re in the middle, it’ll be difficult not to go overboard. Concentrate the discipline you use to run long distances on not running long distances.

It’s also worth mentioning that going barefoot isn’t a zero-sum game. I ran in barefoot shoes for over a year, switched to ordinary shoes for other chores, and wore sandals the rest of the time. It isn’t a case of all or nothing.

It’s ok if you go for a barefoot run and then immediately change into your beloved Converse. It’s also critical to recognize that everyone is unique. It could take two months or two years for you to complete the task. Don’t be concerned about other people’s experiences; go at your own pace.


It’s worth noting that we spent a significant amount of time barefoot in order to prepare our feet for minimalist footwear. At the end of the day, it was time well spent. The barefoot shoe market is surrounded by a lot of excitement, as well as a lot of horror stories.

Above all, you must figure out what works best for you. If going barefoot or with minimal footwear is appropriate, make the adjustment gradually and carefully.

We hope that this list of best everyday barefoot shoes for women has given you some insight into how to tackle the challenge of transitioning to minimal footwear— or going barefoot totally— with care and consideration.

There are a variety of ways to enjoy the process, and we hope you have as much fun as we did. We recommend that you read a good book or seek out a decent coach or mentor.

Check with your doctor to make sure you’re aware of any potential concerns, but don’t forget about the benefits and all the health and fitness gains you can achieve if you take a gradual and cautious approach.