Best Astro Turf Boots For Wide Feet


There is always a problem when it comes to choosing the best astro turf boots for people with wide feet.

And it’s a lengthy tough task for them as they are required to research before including a pair of astroturf boots for playing soccer or football games or matches.

Getting the best Astro turf boots is to look for the specifications which will be helpful to get the perfect pair of astro turf boots.

Always take the shoes which have a rubber outsole as it gives you a variety of range in terms of walking on any surface especially artificial grass. It delivers competently on any kind of field created for playing football or soccer games.

Plus, there are new options available in astro turf boots which are known as firm ground (FG) boots. These are excellent boots to have that additional support or grip or firmness while you play on any hard or soft fields.

We have categorized a list of the best astro turf boots for wide feet including some more useful guides and tips regarding the astro turf boots. Amazon Uk has some great options for wide people in Astro turf boots.

What Are The Best Astro Turf Football Boots For Wide Feet

1. Gola Men’s AMA666 Boots for Astro Turf with Wide Feet

astro turf boots

The Gola Men’s AMA666 Astro Turf boots are a great choice for people who have wide feet. The boot has a central material made up of synthetic plus the sole is also synthetic material. In addition, the boots also have synthetic outer material.

These Gola men’s boots are designed with a textile inner material. It is specially designed and styled for the turf trainers plus a great choice when using it on the artificial grass surface and surface with hard ground.

It has a sole which is non-marking an ideal fit to play or walk or run on any different kind of surfaces. The Gola men’s Boots are lightweight and you will have no pressure of carrying boots on your body.

The Gola Boots has an upper classic design including a quilted padded vamp. Plus the outsole which is made of rubber provides excellent gripping on any artificial or real surface. It also has a tremendous structure in terms of style.

In addition, these Gola Mens were constructed exceptionally for turf or football players or trainers. It contains a closure type of lace-up and gives you a wide range of options for playing numerous games wearing them.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Reliable
  • Excellent Grip on any surface
  • Does not run true to their size

2. PUMA King TOP TT Shoe for Astro turf with Wide Feet

wide fitting astro turf trainers

An absolute two in one shoe for wide feet couples or siblings. These PUMA Unisex King Top TT shoes are an excellent choice when it comes to playing Astro sports. These Puma King TT shoes have a rubber sole material which benefits amazing stability.

These shoes have a leather out material and it is of great quality. In addition, the PUMA King Top TT unisex shoes have a synthetic inner material along with a lace-up closure type.

The upper of the PUMA king Top shoes are made up of Kangaroo leather. However, the shoes don’t have water-resistant leather. It also contains a sleek upper along with a soft padded collar including a folding tongue.

The rubber outsole of these PUMA KING TOP TT shoes is built with the purpose to serve several movements conveniently plus to help in traction while you wear these shoes on the ground or field. 

Looking at all the features of these Puma King shoes tells us that it is one of the best astro turf boots for wide feet. Lastly, Puma king is like the supremacy of shoe brands in football or any sports.

  • Amazing Reliability
  • Fashionable design
  • Great grip
  • Budget-friendly
  • Convenient for cleaning
  • Bit too snug fit
  • Unstable stitching

3. Adidas Predator Freak.1 FG Cleat shoes for Astro turf

Adidas is a brand that is globally renowned and has a name in itself to produce the highest quality of footwear with great features. And no doubt that they excel with Adidas Predator Freak.1 Firm Ground shoes, it is a nice option for wide feet people.

The Predators freak shoes have a sole material made up of rubber and it contains the synthetic outer material. In addition, it holds a lace-up closure type and has fantastic colours with exceptional style to make your pair shine among all.

By wearing these Predators freak shoes you will have your day playing football or soccer with the full troop of power and it will make you play bravely in an accountable manner with its unique features. 

The Predators soccer cleats have Demonskin 2.0 included in the upper to have the additional ball control. Plus the upper of this shoe is also upper knit. Its upper materials are the ones that give absolute control while you flex or even during traction.

Furthermore, the shoes have two-piece collars which help to conveniently enter in the upper of the Adidas Predators Freak soccer cleats. Plus it contains a split outsole to lend you the firmness on the ground when playing in opposing directions.

  • The Colour mashup is nice
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Fewer options of style

4. NIKE Unisex’s Tiempo Legend 8 Elite boots for Wide Feet

wide fit football boots

Nike is a well-known brand in footwear manufacturing some excellent quality footwear. Its new launch Nike Unisex Teimpo Legen 8 Elite Fg football shoes are amazing when it comes to playing Astro sports for the person who has wide feet.

The Nike Tiempo Legend shoes have the rubber/ synthetic sole material including the synthetic outer material also. Its inner material is manmade.

In addition, the shoes also consist of a supreme touch of great quality premium kangaroo leather.

Also, these Nike Tiempo Legend shoes consist of a feature of quad-fit mesh fabric lining. Which is close to the foot area and wraps a tongue made of Flyknit to have the additional support on the footbridge.

Furthermore, due to the features of the shoes, they have extremely superb arch support and aid the perfection of comfort plus relief all the time when you wear these shoes of Nike Tiempo legend shoes.

In addition, they have All Conditions Control (ACC) technology that provides you with the required control in different weathers such as wet and dry conditions. Nike Tiempo legend shoes for wide feet also have lightweight Hyperstability plates to aid the stability and adequate traction on firm grounds.

  • Flexible
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable and excellent quality
  • Less durable

5. Mizuno Rebula Iii Pro Shoe for Wide Feet

best astro turf football boots for wide feet

The Mizuno Unisex Rebula Lii Pro Soccer shoes are excellent when it comes to choosing for wide feet and to play sports like football or soccer. They have a synthetic sole material with a lace-up closure type.

These shoes from Mizuno Rebula Lii Pro shoes are not water-resistant and have a unique touch with a sleek foot. It has a K- leather material in the area of the forefoot. Which makes a convenient striking when playing sports.

Furthermore, the shoes have a very innovative design when it comes to using the material or colour. It makes an overall great pair of shoes for choosing it to play and have unique shoes among all.

In addition, these Mizuno Rebula Lii Pro shoes are very lightweight and make you feel very light when you wear them. Plus it has a stretchable mesh that wraps around the foot which is also extremely lightweight.

You can wear these Mizuno Rebula Lii Pro Shoes for your matches and enhance your performance with the best control and secure fit.

It makes you play effortlessly and deliver some exceptional goals on the field.

  • Stretchable mesh
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable and Breathable
  • Leather quality is not great

6. New Balance Men’s Furon 3.0 Shoes for Wide Feet

wide soccer shoes for astro turf

The New Balance Mens Furon 3.0 Dispatch Fg shoes are a nice option for wide feet people who play astro turf sports on firm grounds. They are completely made up of synthetic materials.

The New Balance Men Furon Dispatch shoes have an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole material with a low-top shaft Height plus the outer material is also synthetic. They have inbuilt stiffened heels to lend you the proper firmness on the field.

Its upper is made up of synthetic PU and has great comfort and support. Plus it accelerates your performance with absolute accuracy with its great acceleration power to help you perform better.

The New Balance Men’s Furon Dispatch shoes have mesh which is specialized technological and lightweight plus made with great quality. Plus its REVlite insole helps in making better traction and grip with your feet.

Furthermore, the touch of these New Balance Men’s Furon Dispatch shoes are now furnished and help to make better moves while kicking the ball. TPU outsole to make your performance better on firm grounds.

  • Quality is superb
  • Amazing for turf fields
  • Colour is nice
  • The front part of the shoes is not of great quality
  • A bit curvy in shape

7. New Balance Men’s Tekela Football Shoes For Wide Feet

best astro turf boots for wide feet

Just like other shoes from the brand New Balance are well crafted, These New Balance Men’s Tekela Football shoes are also constructed with innovative features especially for wide feet, plus the best shoes for playing soccer available on amazon Uk.

These New Balance Men’s Tekela Football shoes have synthetic material composition plus they have studded outsole FG for sole material. Their outer material as well as the inner material is also constructed with synthetic material.

The New Balance Mens Tekela boots can be a powerful choice for playing sports as it has features that are redesigned from the toe spring to help you have improved fit and comfort.

Furthermore, they have a sole which is engineered for providing agility. Plus these New Balance MEN’S Tekela Football also contain conical studs which are excellent on firm ground.

Also, the conical studs are designed in such a way that they can offer rotational traction whenever it is required while playing astroturf sports. And you can just put your skill on display and play fearlessly.

  • True to their size
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Quality is not up to the mark
  • A bit narrow

8. PUMA Men’s Future Z 1.1 Fg/Ag Fg Shoe for Wide Feet

what boots are best for astro turf

Puma has always had their footwear with excellent features and quality plus made its place in the market for its footwear. Similarly, These PUMA Mens Future Z 1.1 Fg/Ag shoes are beneficial for playing astro turf sports with wide feet.

Furthermore, the PUMA Future Z shoes have synthetic sole material plus the out material is also synthetic. In addition, the inner material of the PUMA shoes is also synthetic. Its closure type is lace-up.

The colour of these PUMA future Z shoes is very unique and attractive. The shoes are not water-resistant shoes plus there is no leather material involved in them. Plus these shoes offer a firmness on the ground while playing.

You can make your performance on the field extra fast and top quality by wearing these unique style shoes from PUMA Future Z 1.1 FG/AG boots. It has a midfoot which is FusionFit+ Adaptive including compression bend to offer exact lock.

Also, the midfoot has the feature of  Dynamic Motion System constructed specifically to move your energy directly on the field to have super traction while playing. Excellent grip control and flexibility with these PUMA Future Z shoes.

  • Top-quality
  • Excellent grip
  • Style is great
  • Not true to size

9. Adidas Mundial Tea Unisex Adult Football Training Shoes for Astro Turf

Football Training Shoes for Astro Turf

Adidas is a brand that is globally renowned and has a name in itself to produce the highest quality of footwear with great features. And no doubt that they excel with Adidas Mundial Tea Unisex shoes, it is a good option for wide feet people.

Also, the Mundial Tea unisex shoes are one of the best reviews shoes in terms of having them for wider feet. The sole material of the shoes is made up of Polyurethane and Leather including the outer material made up of leather only.

In addition, this Mundial Adidas shoe has a lace-up closure type. It also contains an upper made up of leather for convenient fittings along with a PU midsole to have the exact fit of the feet in these shoes.

The Adidas Mundial Tea Unisex shoes include a multi sole which is abrasion resistant to lend the absolute gripping on hard plus artificial fields or surfaces. A perfect boots for playing football with an artificial grass pitch.

These shoes from Adidas Mundial Tea have EVA midsoles along with a TRAXION. Its soles are constructed specifically for synthetic turf surfaces.

Also, the boots are produced with a split suede. A perfect pair of boots for the required comfort and control.


  • Excellent quality
  • Durable and reliable
  • Amazing snug fit
  • A bit heavy

10. Adidas Predator Freak + FG Cleat – Men’s Soccer shoes for Wide feet

Men's Soccer shoes for Wide feet

Adidas is a brand that is globally renowned and has a name in itself to produce the highest quality of footwear with great features. And no doubt that they excel with Adidas Predator Freak +Firm Ground shoes, it is another option for wide feet people from Adidas.

The Predators freak + FG shoes have a sole material made up of rubber and it contains the fabric outer material. In addition, it holds a lace-up closure type and has fantastic colour options.

The best part about these Predators Freak +FG shoes is they come with a laceless system and it makes them stand out among all. Next, it is extremely light in weight while the outsole makes you play too firmly during the whole match.

The Predators soccer cleats have Demonskin 2.0 strike zone which is of the highest quality included in the upper to have the extra ball control. Plus the upper of this shoe is also upper knit. Its upper materials are the ones that give absolute control plus they are compressive.

Furthermore, the shoes have two-piece collars which help to conveniently enter in the upper of the Adidas Predators Freak soccer cleats. Plus it contains a split outsole to lend you the firmness on the ground when playing in opposing directions.

  • Excellent Grip
  • Run True to their size
  • Laceless
  • Soles are less reliable

How to Check if I have a Wide Foot?

Not every person has feet in similar shape and size. Some people may have small feet while some are born with extra wide feet. Although we have other body parts in variation, feet are a bit different as it shows the difference in length while you wear any footwear or shoes.

However, we sometimes fail to recognize whether we have wide feet or not. The easiest way to know whether you have a regular foot or wide is to keep an eye on it daily when you wear your regular shoes.

See to it that you are facing difficulty to fit your feet in any type of shoes be it soccer or regular ones. Next, if you did face an issue in fitting your feet conveniently in the shoes then you have wide feet.

Whereas when you buy any shoes and your feet are perfectly fitting easily into them then you don’t have wide feet and your feet are regular ones.

Once you know you have a wide then you have to go to those stores that own shoes specifically for wide feet people and buy them for your regular or soccer shoes. 

Guide to Buying Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet

Whenever you are purchasing soccer shoes, prefer having them from trusted websites or from known merchants or the ones who have a great reputation selling the right products.

There are a lot of options available online plus stores selling them but always be cautious to buy from them only when you have checked their information correctly.

Otherwise, you will land your money in vain. Try having the return policy or choose the brand that gives a free trial with a return policy.

As you do not always order the right soccer cleats for your foot and you have to return them as you don’t have many options. At this point, the return policy saves you from wasting money.

Try purchasing the shoe brand which gives you the guarantee when you want to return your soccer cleats if they don’t fit you or get damaged quickly.

Firstly, see the prices on different online stores. Sometimes the soccer shoes are available at a cheaper rate on some websites

While it is higher in price on the other websites. So it is better to evaluate the price range and have a better option to go with more budget-friendly soccer cleats. However, the quality of the soccer cleats might be different at some fake websites so be careful of them. The other thing to keep in mind is a receipt. 

When you are not happy with your soccer shoes and you want to make a change in your purchase so the receipt is the first thing you will need. It is always a convenient choice to keep the receipts safely to avoid any future regrets or loss of money.

In addition, before buying any soccer shoes for your wide feet go through tej customer reviews on the website and try to analyze the features plus quality and when you are satisfied with it then proceed with your purchase. It will also give an idea of whether the seller is selling the genuine product or not.

Selecting Wide Cleats according to design

Soccer cleats shoes are manufactured in a variety of styles and they preferably make the size with their preferred choice of sizing.

Although, you can’t choose to have control over the sizing, what you can choose according to your requirement is the collars, laces plus the colour of the Wide Cleats soccer shoes.

While some people prefer matching their wide cleats with the colour of their uniform. However, it is important to put your effort into choosing the correct pair otherwise your styling game can go down.

Style is the personal choice and when people love to do so they don’t care if they play alone or with the team. They are always concerned with styling the outfit plus the shoes.

So choosing the best design is entirely related to the brand offering colours in Cleats or sometimes you can order customized shoes from the brand itself.

For having the best fit and support near the area of the ankle you can have collars in the design option, but only you choose to have them.

Lastly, the laces you can always refer to your preferred laces and make sure that it makes your shoes snugly fit into your feet. Going for some unique coloured laces or styling them differently adds to your style quotient.

What to Consider When Selecting Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet:

It should always start from the basics like it is important to know which type of game you have to play with the shoes as the brand or model of shoes makes evident features related to some sports.

Next, consider the type of field you have to play as some of the soccer shoes act better on certain types of field and give out excellent performance. Artificial grass or turf or hardcore surface are some of the types of field which is usually set up when playing sports.

The most relevant thing to consider is whether the shoes are offering a wide feet range or not otherwise it will be a problem.

Most of the soccer cleats do offer wide feet option but that will suit your requirement is not necessary. You need to choose as not all the shoes available are gonna suit you perfectly.

In addition, the soccer boot must have the upper made up of leather material. This gives rise to better elasticity while playing sports.

Also, it tends to expand the size of feet easily and provide the comfort needed as per the shape of the foot. The wrong size shoe will make you uncomfortable plus also affect your performance in sports.

Moreover, the quality matters a lot when okaying it on different surfaces. If the quality is not up to the mark then buying those shoes will be a waste of time.

Always prefer having top quality shoes with extraordinary features to lend the support needed during the injury or pain. Considering these many aspects will hopefully make you buy the right pair of soccer cleats and hopefully, it will enhance your performance also.

How to Select Soccer Boot Size Online

You may face difficulty while you order your soccer cleats from several brands with a size true to your fit. So every brand or model of shoes has its way of sizing charts.

Which of course may be different from each other. In addition, when you get the wrong fit of shoes then you may have a bad impact on your overall performance in playing soccer games. Shoes play a pivotal role in enhancing your performance in the right or wrong direction.

For getting the perfect pair of shoes with the appropriate size you need to evaluate a lot of research then go ahead with your purchase.

You might get the wrong size as what you ordered. Measure your size perfectly then choose the size the brand has to offer and select the correct choice and then purchase the soccer shoes. You can also go through the size review given to the buyer and have your step ahead.

What Soccer Cleats Types are for Wide Feet?

Soccer cleats are manufactured in several

styles with unique features along with a quality to play on different field surfaces.

Similarly, soccer cleats are made for wide feet too and they are available to meet the requirements of people with wide feet.

Many soccer shoes can be low-cut, mid-cut, or high-top.

High cut: It is best with the forward steps due to the extension at the ankle. Plus it also provides support and comfort in the laterally inclined movements.

Low cut: These soccer shoes are usually used by players as they offer a very lightweight load while running or walking.

Mid cut: These types of soccer shoes go most with defensive backs, wingers plus with right-backs as they lend support and flexibility while walking or running.

You can also opt for an option of detachable cleats which are also one of the finest ones among the wide feet options.

As these soccer cleats provide the detachable facility to make your performance better with different kinds of fields for your astro turf sports.

It can be considered very versatile due to the interchangeable features to go for the suitable studs which will be perfect for the desired pitch you will play.

The only perks it comes with is the pricing may be higher than usual soccer cleats plus also higher in price than molded cleats also.

Turf pitches are the best suitable ones with the molded cleats plus it can be very useful for the hard grass surface also. Molded soccer shoes offer a better grip and incredible traction while playing the matches on the field.

How to Maintain Wide Soccer Cleats

Well, it is always easy to get the new shoes wide soccer cleats after the effort of considerations before the first purchase.

However, the harder task is left once you made the purchase, which is to maintain the soccer cleats to protect them from any damage.

Plus the other disadvantage of having the wide feet soccer cleats is they are prone to quick damage irrespective of the brand’s name. Players playing with soccer cleats are always bothered about the broken gear of the shoes.

So, you have to take extra care to contribute to the lifespan of soccer cleats plus to maintain their shape. So that you can have the soccer cleats for a longer period.

It is not the guarantee that your shoes won’t be damaged again but you can prevent them from getting destroyed.

Below are a few of the maintenance tips for your soccer cleats:

  • Always prefer using your soccer cleats on the intended surface rather than using it on a rough surface. This will make sure that your soccer cleats will last longer than should be plus it will make your performance on the field better. So, it is relevant to consider the type of surfaces you are going to play with soccer cleats.
  • Next, the tip is to always try to keep your laces a bit loose than usual. Try to lose the lace on the second last eyelet and make the last eyelet tight. It allows your foot to better feet and prevents strains. Plus making this standard type of lacing will make your feet feel less pressure.
  • In addition, whenever you wear the soccer cleats for the very first time, you should lose all the eyelets and then put your feet inside, once you place your feet firmly then tighten all eyelets according to your feet. It will make your feet acquire the shape of the shoes from the midfoot. Prefer wearing cleats which are suitable for your feet.
  • Leather material soccer shoes will be a great choice when it comes to wide feet. Leather tends to offer better molding, comfort plus stretchability also. It aids less pressure to the feet. Whereas, narrow feet prefer synthetic material uppers soccer shoes.
  • Soccer cleats may be a bit expensive to purchase in quantity so you can consider buying the one which is perfect for you and try to make use of it in limited quantities to maintain the quality.
  • In addition, one of the nicest options in soccer cleats with wide feet is the stud replacement. It is one of the important aspects of maintaining soccer cleats. You can try the conveniently detachable stud. You can have an option on when one stud is damaged to change and use the Soccer cleats ahead. Also, it will make you stay away from any kind of injury.
  • Try the soccer cleats even during the warm-up match or practice match to avoid damage during the match or games. Also, it will have the tightness of the new shoe while you practice only and it will have a comfortable fit during the matches.
  • Use the appropriate washing method to wash your soccer cleats properly. Next, make the soccer cleats dry using a hairdryer before your next use or match.  Start with removing the insoles rather than the shoelace. Go for washing separately or together using soap and water. Dry them completely before use.
  • Never use a dryer to dry your soccer cleats. Plus try to avoid wearing soccer cleats on a muddy surface before the match. Make the use of soccer cleats only when the time of playing or use them once you reach the field.

Which Football Boots are Best for Wide Feet?

The above-listed shoes are all the best for playing football or soccer games. And we hope that you have found your perfect pair of shoes.

Always go into detail and features to find the best ones. The classic Adidas Copa Mundial FG, the Puma Future 18.1 Netfit and  Puma evoPOWER Vigor are few of the bestest among the best-listed shoe above.

Although, you need to be first sure that you have wide feet. You can prefer the available guide or any guide to know whether your feet are wide or not.

See the fittings of your shoes and how you are feeling while wearing them. People sometimes prefer wearing shoes which are too big or too small with their feet.

But having the perfect fit of your feet is the ideal way to wear any shoes. You can find your preferred choice of best Soccer Football shoes and try several shoes to find the best one among all.


I hope we have provided the best knowledge about the best astro turf boots for wide feet and it has landed you to choose the best pair of boots for your wide feet to play the best games possible with the best of abilities and performance.

Always purchase the Astro turf boots that have a rubber outsole to add that grip during the playing of soccer or football on any kind of surface. See the quality and compare it with the price then only proceed if you think the pricing is valid for the quality they offer.

Furthermore, not every Astro turf boots available for wide feet are great and excel while you perform on the field. You need to consider the important point before getting to the conclusion for the best pair of astro turf boots for wide feet. Read the reviews of customers and have your judgements of the soccer cleats.

Hence, having the appropriate shoes for Astro sports plus with wide feet will also enhance or affect your performance in the field.

To hold onto your consistent powerful performance try to have the best pair with excellent grip and control of astro turf boots for playing soccer or football. Amazon Uk has some exceptional options in Astro turf boots for wide feet. Check them out other than the above-listed boots.